Fal river Festival 2011 - Moving with the tide

This blog shows some aspects of the process for the making of a short dance piece commissioned by The Works, Dance and Theatre Cornwall, for the Fal River Festival 2011. The piece will be repeated several times throughout the day on the 1st of June in Falmouth, Cornwall.

2.15pm The Moor - Falmouth
3.15pm Falmouth Art Gallery
4.15pm Falmouth Art Gallery
5.15pm The Moor

Concept and direction: Stella Azzurra
Performer: Sarah Jarvis 
Original music and artwork: Jamie Mills


V i s u a l i s i n g

7th May

My first visit to Goss Moor, with the intention of experiencing and learning from the physicality of the moor. Through residual processes of capturing traces of the place, through sound and image, these signifiers will serve as catalysts in the rendering process and will serve in the creation of a sustainable dialogue with the place.


spirit of the place

Location: Coldvreath - the Fal spring

'my fingers touch the lightness and learn the river's song/ they sing it up my arms and down to my feet/ I learn the lightness from the river[...] I take the flow and the lightness/ and move/ I don't know where, yet/ but I get it/ essence/elements/to work with' (Lucy)

'Eternal force you go now and now and now' (Sarah)

a sense of 'place'

How do we map the tangible physical aspects of a place (boundaries, rivers, pathways, etc..) and how our bodymind responds to these and to the history and meanings given to a place?

Working outdoor we have mapped the external place through a phisical journey/exploration, establishing a dialogue between the external and an internal 'place' which is discovered by deeply listening to our bodymind as we move or stay. We have than recorded this dialogue between the external and internal experience with the use of drawings and words to create a 'map', that can refer either to a geographical space/boundary or a feeling/memory/body-mind state.

Imagination, feelings, memory, body-state and the natural space and objects, all come into play together to create a dance.

Jamie has filmed and photographed this first movement improvisation - a documentation which will support the creation of a soundscore.



25th May

Today in our movement session indoor Sarah made her journey through an imagined and remembered Goss Moor, following the 'traces' that the place has left in her bodymind.

I like what you say Jamie, about 'creating a sustainable dialogue with the place'.

It has been influential in finding how the huge and noisy electric antennae which dominate part of the landscape from the Electric Sub-Station through Toad's Hole (an area which we have explored and danced in), has left an impression in Sarah's body at the point of being very present in her dance - somehow dominating the landscape of the body itself.